Seaton Calisthenics Club Awards

Gaylene Delmoro Award

Gaylene was a past President of the Seaton Calisthenics Club who passed away at a young age during her term as President.

The trophy was introduced in 1995 as a memorial to Gaylene for her devotion to the Club.

It is awarded to a person at the Club whom members feel is deserving of the trophy for their service, commitment and dedication to Seaton Calisthenics Club.

A recipient can only receive the Award every 4 years.


1995 Gaylene Delmoro (deceased)
1996 Dean Butterworth (deceased)
1997 Annette and Daryl Thomas
1998 Sue Witkowski
1999 Kay Butterworth
2000 Margaret Weston
2001 Sue Gregory
2002 Kaye McDonald
2003 Kay Butterworth
2004 Kristyn Robson
2005 Carol Russell
2006 Lorinda Brooking
2007 Belinda Roberts
2008 Lisa Turner
2009 Debbie Guglielmi
2010 Lynda Clarke and Trevor Green
2011 Michelle Dougan
2012 Veronica Blair
2013 Wendy Peterson
2015 Debbie Guglielmi
2016 Michelle Dougan
2017 Kaye McDonald
2018 Claire Guglielmi
2019 Emma Biglands

Life Members

Life membership is awarded to club members for 15 years of participating service or for 10 years of outstanding service for non-participating members.

Seaton’s Life Members in alphabetical order:

Betty Armitage
Lorraine Armitage
Megan Battista
Amy Battista
Tracey Bettens
Emily Blair
Veronica Blair
Chloe Botten (Piercy)
Lorinda Brooking
Kay Butterworth
Dean Butterworth (deceased)
Helen Ciarla
Lynda Clarke
Heather Cox (Wills)
Hazel Cullingford
Sue Cullingford
Julie Cullingford
Julie Dalziel
Robyn Dalziel
Tracy Dangerfield (Perry)
Dianne Davis (deceased)
Louise Davis
Jemma Dougan
John Dougan
Shenae Dougan
Michelle Dougan
Frank Foster
Roz Foster
Robyn Foster
June Fyfe
Rebeckah Fyfe
Lea Gleeson
Trevor Green
Claire Guglielmi
Debbie Guglielmi
Lyn Hall
Lauren Hicks
Elizabeth Iosifidis
Britney Keech
Karyn Kelly
Pauline Kitchen
Lisa Kosta
Danielle Lindholm
Adeline Longe
Danniella Manning
Amy McCarthy
Kaye McDonald
Caitlin Mutton
Jenni Mutton
Audrey Osborn
Mikaela Owen
Dianne Przytula
Elise Przytula
Wendy Peterson
Jenni Roach
Belinda Roberts (Clayton)
Carolyn Roberts
Jeff Roberts
Kristyn Robson
Ashleigh Russell
Carol Russell
Julia Russo
Janine Rutherford
Kahli Schenscher
Melanie Steven (Myts)
Ellen Tansell
Annette Thomas
Daryl Thomas
Jim Tuit
Ruth Tuit
Annette Tuit (Steven)
Dannielle Turner
Lee Turner
Sharon Vasey
Michelle Vasey
Lynette Vasey
Margaret Weston
Sue Weston (Gregory)