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(Created in 1995)

Gaylene was a past President of the Seaton Calisthenics Club who passed away at a young age during her term as President.

The trophy was introduced in 1995 as a memorial to Gaylene for her devotion to the Club.

It is awarded to a person at the Club whom members feel is deserving of the trophy for their service, commitment and dedication to Seaton Calisthenics Club.

A recipient can only receive the Award every 4 years.


1995   Gaylene Delmoro (deceased)
1996   Dean Butterworth (deceased)
1997   Annette and Daryl Thomas
1998   Sue Witkowski
1999   Kay Butterworth
2000   Margaret Weston
2001   Sue Gregory
2002   Kaye McDonald
2003   Kay Butterworth
2004   Kristyn Robson
2005   Carol Russell
2006   Lorinda Brooking
2007   Belinda Roberts
2008   Lisa Turner
2009   Debbie Guglielmi
2010   Lynda Clarke and Trevor Green
2011   Michelle Dougan
2012   Veronica Blair
2013   Wendy Peterson
2015   Debbie Guglielmi
2016   Michelle Dougan
2017   Kaye McDonald
2018   Claire Guglielmi
2019   Emma Biglands

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