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Kay Butterworth

2019 Sub Junior Team 1 Coach

Kay is the senior coach of the Sub Junior Section.

Kay has been coaching Calisthenics at Seaton for over 40 years and during this time has successfully taught all teams from Tinies through to Seniors. Kay is a dedicated enthusiastic coach and is totally committed to developing young children to their full potential while ensuring their love for Calisthenics continues.

Apart from Kay's extensive Calisthenics background, she has been trained in classical and jazz ballet, folk/national dancing.

Kay is a retired Calisthenics adjudicator and Life Member of the Australian Calisthenics Adjudicators Association SA Branch. She has had the opportunity to adjudicate at local and State Competitions in South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia and the Australian Capital Territory, culminating in adjudication at the Australian Calisthenics Federation National competitions on several occasions.

Kay epitomises what teamwork is all about and engenders her love for Calisthenics in all individuals that she comes into contact with. Seaton Calisthenics Club is proud to have such an experienced coach and has acknowledged this via Life Membership.

Kristyn Robson

2019 Tinies 1 Co-Coach, Junior Team 1 Co-Coach and Intermediate Team Co-Coach

Kristyn is the current senior coach of the Tinies and Junior sections. She has been involved in calisthenics for 30 years coaching for the last 20 years. She has taught Tinies, Sub Juniors and Junior teams.

Kristyn is a trained school teacher, has dance training in Jazz, Tap and Classical, and was a competitive gymnast.

Kristyn is a Life Member of Seaton Calisthenics and strives to assist all girls achieve their best while having fun.

Claire Guglielmi

2019 Leave of Absence

Claire has been a member of Seaton Calisthenics for 18 years having commenced as a Tiny. During this time, she has represented the state on three occasions in Intermediate and Senior state and national teams. She also coaches graceful girls, solos, duos and has taught many calisthenics skills exam participants. She has also taught calisthenics for the Recreation and Sports "Active After School Care Program" in the past, as well as promoting calisthenics through the West Torrens and Charles Sturt Councils "Growing for Gold Programs".

Claire is a Life Member of Seaton Calisthenics.

Jemma Dougan

2019 Monday Tinies Team Co-Coach and Junior Team 1 Co-Coach

Jemma began calisthenics at Seaton the age of 3 and has competed for the last 12 years. A current member of the Seaton Senior team, Jemma has been class assistant/demonstrator for the last 6 years, assisting various teams from Tinies to Juniors. She has successfully completed Grade 1 and 2 skills exams and competed in duo competitions. She competed with Seaton Intermediate team at the 2009 Ballarat Royal South Street Society Eisteddfod gaining first place overall.

Jemma has completed the Seaton Coach Traineeship Program and is currently Coaching Monday Tinies Team and Saturday Sub Junior Team. Jemma is also the current editor of the Seaton Calisthenics Newsletter.

Kahli Schenscher

2019 Saturday Tinies Team Coach and Monday Tinies Comp Team Coach

Kahli started calisthenics at Seaton at the age of 3 and has been competing for the last 12 years. She has been a class assistant/demonstrator for Tinies for the last 6 years, and is a current member of the Seaton Senior team. Kahli is accredited in Grade 1, 2 and 3 of CASA Pupil Skills and has competed in solo competitions. In 2009, she competed with Seaton Calisthenics Intermediate team in the Ballarat Royal South Street Society Eisteddfod, gaining first place overall.

Kahli has completed the Seaton Coach Traineeship Program and is currently Coaching Saturday Tinies Team.

Lauren Hicks

2019 Junior Team 2 Coach and Intermediate Team 2 Co-Coach

Lauren started calisthenics when she was 3 at Seaton Calisthenics Club in the year 2000. She has competed every year since then and is continuing in the senior division in 2015.

Over the years, Lauren had been a class assistant to various younger teams and in 2014 was appointed as Coach of the Saturday morning Tinies team. In 2015 Lauren will be co-coaching the Tinies Monday team as well as the Saturday morning Sub Junior team. She has completed her Grade 4 pupil skills exam and has competed in CASA duo competitions.

In 2014, she was awarded her 15 year service medal and her life membership of Seaton Calisthenics Club.

Sue Gregory

2019 Intermediate Team Co-Coach and Saturday Sub Junior Team Coach

Sue started at Seaton Calisthenics at the age of 3, is a Club Life member and also a 30 year member. She competed in all sections for Seaton, and has coached for over 20 years. Sue has taught Sub-Juniors, Juniors, Inters and Seniors, as well as Solos, Duos and Graceful.

Over the last few years Sue has participated in dance classes herself in Jazz, Fitness and a little bit of hip-hop!  

Sue returns to the club in 2017 as coach of the Saturday Sub-Junior team.

Shenae Dougan

2019 Tuesday Sub Junior Team Coach and Monday Tinies Team Co-Coach

Shenae began calisthenics at the age of 2 in the year 2003. She will be commencing her 15th year as a competitor at Seaton as part of the 2017 senior team.

Shenae has been a class demonstrator/assistant for the past 8 years, helping teams in Tinies and Sub Juniors. Shenae was a member of the 2013 Intermediate Darwin development team, who placed first in their interstate competition. Shenae was also a member of the 2013 Seaton Intermediate team that placed first in the Royal South Street Competition in Ballarat.

Shenae has recently completed the Seaton trainee coach program and is co-coaching the Sub Junior B team in 2017.

Emily Blair

2019 Sub Junior Team 1 Assistant Coach

Emily commenced Calisthenics at Seaton in 2000 at the age of 5.  She has competed every year since and is a current member of the 2019 Senior team.

Emily participated in the Australian Calisthenic Federation Opening Ceremony for the National Championships held in Adelaide in July 2007 and has successfully completed up to Grade 4 of the Australian Calisthenic Federation skills program. 

Emily also competed in the Royal South Street Society Eisteddfod at Ballarat in 2009 with Seaton’s Intermediate team, which achieved first overall.  

Emily actively competes in Graceful Girl and Solo/Duo competitions. Her greatest achievement was receiving first place in Division 4 at the recent CASA Graceful Girl State Championships held in April 2017.

Emily was a class assistant/demonstrator for many years with Tinies, Sub Junior & Junior teams. 

Emily commenced coaching with Seaton in 2012, teaching Sub Juniors, Juniors and Intermediates.  She is very proud of winning the Junior Division 1 aggregate in 2013 with the Seaton Junior Team 3.

In 2015, Emily travelled to the USA with the South Australian Precision Dance Team and has also performed with the Precision Dance Team in Adelaide’s Credit Union Christmas Pageant for the last four years.

Emily feels honoured to have been awarded Life Membership of the Seaton Calisthenics Club.

After having a year off from coaching, Emily is excited to be Assistant Coach of the Sub Junior A team and also Co-Coaching the Junior C team.

Elise Przytula

2019 Senior Team Coach

Elise started Calisthenics at the age of 3 at Seaton Calisthenics Club and has competed in all sections from Tinies to Seniors plus solos, duos and graceful girls over the years.  Elise started coaching in 2007 and has taught Tinies through to Inters as well as solos, duos and graceful girls.

Since 2012 Elise has been living overseas, firstly in the USA working for Disney Cruise Lines in the Theatre and then the last 2 years in Scotland.  Having just settled back in Adelaide, Elise joins us as Co-Coach of the Junior A team for 2018.

Elise is a life member of Seaton Calisthenics Club.

Danni Turner

2019 Tinies Team 1 Co-Coach

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