Adelaide’s family friendly calisthenics club

Seaton Calisthenics Club is very proud of its achievements over the past 71 years. In that time, we have become one of the strongest clubs in South Australia.

Established in 1951, Seaton Calisthenics Club maintains a successful reputation within the Calisthenics Association of South Australia. Our club provides a fun, family friendly environment for participation in calisthenics, and offers exciting extra activities to promote confidence building and teamwork.

Positions open for every team!

Registrations are now open for new and current families via Try Booking.

Class information

Classes are held on weeknights, with a Saturday morning option for Tinies and Sub-Junior levels (up to 10 years). 

Why Calisthenics?

  • Experience a range of dance styles all in the one lesson

  • Develop¬†flexibility, coordination, strength and fitness

  • Develop friendships, confidence and self esteem

  • Experience working together as a team

  • Lots of opportunities for stage performances with a team, and also additional solo and duo opportunities¬†

What’s happening at Seaton?