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The name Calisthenics comes from the Greek words 'kallos' for beauty and 'sthenos' for strength. While this is the basic aim of the sport, the social aspect, and the confidence and self-esteem building of its participants is considered just as important.

Calisthenics is widely practiced in Australia and is recognised as a fun and healthy way to keep fit for children of all ages. It is a uniquely Australian sport, which requires discipline of mind and body, teamwork, a competitive spirit and a sense of responsibility.


Calisthenics allows participants to:

  • Develop new friendships in a fun atmosphere
  • Learn new skills and techniques
  • Develop fitness, poise, flexibility and dance movement
  • Learn the importance of commitment and teamwork
  • Gain confidence



Calisthenics is performed on a stage and therefore requires detailed choreography under limited space conditions. In addition to the team events there are also solo activities known as Graceful Calisthenics Solo, Calisthenics Solo, and Calisthenics Duos.


Graceful Solo


The Graceful Solo is designed to enhance the competitor's poise and grace, flexibility, musical interpretation and dance technique. The Best Type Solo and Duo sections require the competitor to incorporate jazz/contemporary dance with gymnastic and strength skills. Thus, the trained calisthenics competitor has a wide repertoire, but more importantly has developed self-discipline, self-confidence, poise and grace, while enjoying a healthy sport under organised conditions.

Calisthenic disciplines include:

Song & Dance
Folk Dance
Calisthenic Spectacular
Dance Arrangement
Rhythmic Interpretation
(all sections)
(all sections)
(all sections except Tinies)
(all sections except Tinies)
(all sections)
(all sections except Tinies)
(all sections except Tinies)
(all sections except Tinies)
(all sections except Tinies and Sub Juniors)
(Intermediates and Seniors only)



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